About Us

FNS, Inc. is a privately owned East Texas based company that provides specialized fiber optic and electrical services mainly for renewable energy projects. Our main focus is wind farms, transmission lines, substations, and solar farms. We began working on renewable energy projects as the industry began to develop and 2021 will mark our 20th year of providing services to companies that provide green energy to millions of people across the United States.

We have participated in countless projects over the last 20 years splicing fiber and installing, terminating, and testing collection cable in thousands of wind turbines while also completing tens of thousands of miles of transmission projects.

Our people make our company great and our #1 goal is to provide quality solutions and a quality product while providing our employees the safest environment to excel in.

Please contact us. We are eager to answer any questions and discuss ways that we can build business new relationships with customers and potential team members.

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